The 9119 Valv

A new EGR valve
Developped in collaboration with Jonhson Controls (ex SAGEM), this valve equip the new range of 4x4 vehicles by the indian constructor TATA, equiped with a 2 liter diesel motor.

Referenced 9119, this pump has been mass-producted since August 2001.

The Y3622 Pump

A new pump
for the Ford 1400 and 1600 HP engines

The pump 8622 become Y3622 :
This new reference entierly made of metal is intented for the Ford Escort, Orion or Fiesta vehicles, equipped with 1400 and 1600 HP engines, since septembre 1990.
This is suitable to fast connections of origin while offering a smart design.

It is avialable since January 2002.

High pressure pump for Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

High pressure pump for Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

This pump is intended to equip the next generation of gasoline direct injection engines.
Thanks to a unique design, it combines constant pressure and flow-rate, and has a small number of components. Currently under development, the purpose is to attain an outlet pressure of 200 Bar in order to meet the specifications of future turbocharged gasoline engines.

This project has obtained the support of ANVAR and the assistance of laboratories to optimise its design. A compact single cylinder version is also being considered.

Electric pumps

Electric pumps

Electric pump for motorcycles :
This pump is designed for the next generation of engines which will equip motorcycles. They will be equipped with an injection system in order to meet the new standards of pollution management.
This pump has a simple mechanism, a majority of plastic moulded components, in addition to standard parts, implying reduced weight and cost. Its high efficiency enables the use of a compact electric engine with low electric consumption, and thus participates to its moderate weight.

Electric feed pump :
This pump works as the same principle as the pump described above, and thus has the same advantage. It is designed for the new diesel engines, equipped with a Common-rail direct injection system, and should supplant the mechanical feed pump designed by Sofabex.

Turbocharger actuator

Actuateurs pour turbocompresseur

It is a pneumatic actuator, with information feedback on the position.
SOFABEX has developed its first pneumatic actuator prototype with an isolated linear sensor and proportional response to meet the requirements of new VNT turbochargers.
The sensor can run up to temperatures as hight as 150 °C.
The actuator is an ideal product for SOFABEX since its principle and its manufacture have many common points with those of the EGR valve and the mechanical pump.

Degazeurs gasoline

Separates air bubbles of gasoline