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Since more than 50 years, the reputation of the company Sofabex is well established. The work of a high quality team has elevated the enterprise to be a leader in the mechanical pumps.


In 2014 Sofabex extending its range, and sells electric pumps for the automotive original equipment market second.

In 2013 Sofabex moved to Sarcelles in the premises of 2700 m2.

Sofabex its range and strengthens its position as European leader in October 2010 by acquiring the Spanish FCM.
Discover our FCM, a specialist in mechanical fuel pump diesel.


Petrol pumps

Petrol pumps

Pumps play a leading roll in the engine feeding field. That’s why, quality and security represent an indissoluble worry of our “know how”. Since 1945, manufacture of pumps entirely made of metal has moved towards new technologies. The Comp’All carrying a superior synthetic part and w a lower metallic one presents some advantages: a better thermal insulation, a better working at high temperatures, a lighter structure, so the Comp’All has become entirely synthetic.
A complete range of pumps is proposed for all kind of engines as well as for particular application.

EGR Recycling valves

Sofabex works in the field of engine de-pollution and produces EGR valves whose principal function is to reduce NOx emissions by re-injecting a part of the exhaust gas to the admission.



Equipment manufacturing

Conventional or automatic ways of manufacturing are studied and made within the factory so as to respect very strict rules with regards to productivity and quality.

An assembling and a final automatic control robot piloted by a computer. It’s 100% controlled which allows a quality checking on the spot, interactively.



Sofabex conceives and produces all its products and expresses its real will to increase its research and development activity with the availability of CAO/DAO equipment (AUTOCAD R 14), and of complete analysis means.

Sofabex is now developing a high pressure pump (100Bar) for a new generation of direct injection petrol engines. Caring for the car evolution technologies Sofabex studies all the possible ways to meet constructor’s demands.